We have had the pleasure of receiving mentions and features in a number of reputable publications over the years. Please find a brief list of these below.

British Gunmakers of the 21st Century

It was our honour to have our work featured on the front cover of Donald Dallas's book 'British Gunmakers of the 21st Century'. We have been included here among many other distinguished and recognised gunmakers.

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The Field

July 2014

Newton J., ‘Making a case for guns’, vol. 324, no. 7320, pp. 60-62.


December/January 2016-17

Appelbe, F., ‘Hunter, conservator, artform’, pp. 132.

Armes de Chasse

October-December 2018

Talha, D., ‘Smith & Torok. Les doux ont fait des paires’, pp. 30-34.

The Field

July 2019

Dallas, D., ‘British gunmakers of the 21st century’, vol. 334, no. 7380, pp. 52-61.

The Field

June 2020

Yardley, M., ‘Holland & Holland’s side-by-side-by-side’, vol. 335, no. 7390, pp.40-45.

Shooting Sportsman

January/February 2016

Newton, J., ‘Smith & Torok, Ltd’, Shooting Sportsman, pp. 74-77.


August/September 2017

Barnes, M., ‘Works of art’, pp. 114-116.

The Field

December 2018

Venters, V., ‘The craft and tradition behind a best gun’, vol. 332, no. 7373, pp.54-58.

Shooting Sportsman

May/June 2020

Tate, D., ‘Making a case for cases’, pp. 28.

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